Chicken Antibodies

Harness the power
of chicken antibodies

Avian IgY immunoglobulins feature a 300 000 000-year advantage and distinctive characteristics.

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Lightspeed Antibodies

The fastest blot in the galaxy

Get rapid and clear western blot results in less than 1 hour from blocking to revelation.

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Nebula Platform

A platform to tailor
the perfect antibody

Proprietary peptide design algorithms as well as unique purification strategies enable to raise and optimize the right antibody for the right job.

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The world’s best IgY research antibody catalog

Research-friendly company spawn from Immune Biosolutions, Sunshine Antibodies aims to accelerate biomedical research one egg at a time. We offer great primary and secondary antibodies, as well as other reagents to speed up your research and provide you with the best results.

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Custom Nebula Antibodies

Generating Custom Antibodies

Unique antibodies tailored to your unique research needs

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Recombinant and therapeutic antibodies

Visit Immune Biosolutions for development and licensing opportunities

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